This will be the fourth 19′ hull we have built on this model. It’s similar to a Friendship sloop, only a little beamier. The mast is a little further aft and the bowsprit is shorter.

I started this boat because there was a keel my father had already started, sitting around. And this young fellow, 13 at the time, came along and wanted to be an apprentice. I thought this would be a good project for him and me to build.

Beginnings of 19' daysailer

Keel and stern frame for 19' daysailer in the old boathouse

I brought the keel over to Manset when we moved off my father’s property on the Clark Point Road. It was sitting in a corner of one of the cold storage buildings. We took the keel out back to the pond to swell it up. It was late fall; the pond was beginning to freeze and I couldn’t leave it in as long as I wanted. We brought it back down and into the shop and I draped it with plastic and put humidifiers under it to finish swelling it back up.

New transom

Transom for 19' daysailer

While the keel was getting rehydrated, we planked and caulked the stern frame so it would be ready to be set in place once the keel was set up.

Transom for 19' daysailer

Transom ready for keel

Then we uncovered the keel, and had to finish cutting the rabbet and timber gains. We had the molds already.

Keel for 19' daysailer

Keel laying on its side

Keel for 19' daysailer getting set up

Getting the keel ready for ribbands and, eventually, timbers

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